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How to Find a Reliable Wholesale Silver Jewelry Supplier

Thailand is the biggest producer of silver jewelry accompanied by China (Hong Kong) and Italy. Importing from professional jewelry exporters is generally uncomplicated and very simple. Silver jewelry should bear the mark “925” as this can indicate that it’s produced from metals with a 92.5% silver content Some buyers seek to buy silver jewelry based on its weight. This is one method to get silver jewelry at the bottom of the marketplace, but it doesn’t work so well when you are looking to value high-quality jewelry with exceptional settings and finishing. Bear in mind that lots of silver jewelry designs are frequently unjustifiably heavy which will simply push the cost upwards.

Many retailers may agree that plain silver rings will be the best selling items accompanied by dangling type hook earrings. But if you purchase rings then you must understand which sizes would be the most famous. Usually for women rings, in Western countries, size 7 and 8 are the most well-known followed by size 9.

Cubic Zirconia Jewelry or CZ as it’s occasionally called is also a fast seller especially Black and Clear Stones. Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is obtainable in many various levels so buyers should talk with vendors to figure out which level is being supplied. You need to check to see if the Silver is Rhodium coated or not. Jewelry that’s rhodium plated will be far less likely to tarnish or blacken but the plating process does include the cost of production. Among the greatest benefits of rhodium plating is that it makes silver appear exceptionally polished which flawlessly suits CZ settings.
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There are several gold jewelry makers in Asia and lots of jewelry tradeshows in Asia. Nevertheless, most large suppliers will insist on orders of at least 50 parts per design. Consequently for independent retailers and small traders it’ll be important to find a wholesale supplier that doesn’t insist on a minimum purchase. It’s also important to see if any potential supplier will offer you a cash back guarantee if you are not happy with what you’ve purchased. Import duties on silver jewelry aren’t charged in many developed nations except in the European Union where the rate is 2.5% For shipping, most providers offer different delivery methods including couriers such as for instance UPS, Express Mail and by registered air mail. Shipping times will vary according to the delivery system utilized. If you would like to get door-to-door service use UPS as they will handle any customs processes.
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Here are the most essential things to remember if you are looking at buying Wholesale Silver Jewelry from Asian sources.

Is it true that the supplier insists on a minimum order amount? Does the supplier offer a fairly wide variety of the latest designs?