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The Facts about the History of AA Sobriety Coins Recovering could actually start immediately and that all of us knows that this is able to last or perhaps is a lifetime. When you go through a recovering program and that you are now moving forward with your life, a sobriety or AA chips or coins will help in providing you the strength to which you need. This is in fact what these kind of coins are given to people like you. Sister Ignatia is actually the pioneer of AA coins. She was in fact the one that gave these medallion to men who are on their leave for 5 days and told them that possessing the medallion means that they are dedicated with the recovery process. This is then where the journey of AA coins started celebrating their recovery and remembering that there are angels that are guiding them. Before the introduction of AA coins, there were the sacred heart medallions through the Father Mathew Temperance Movement in the year 1840 and its pioneers were the Irish Temperance Movement in 1890.
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Until today, sobriety coins are still very popular and continue to stand strong and many people are encouraged of using it as it gives them the strength for their commitment and connection to their recovery process.
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The practice with giving sobriety coins already have benefited a lot of groups. The birthday celebrations actually started from the Oxford Group to where they have the tradition of celebrating anniversaries with spiritual rebirth. People who have acquired the sobriety coins before chose to pick their anniversary at the date of their last drink. Because there are a lot of things in life for an alcoholic, the history actually was considered to be their greatest asset. People usually arrives at the doors of AA with different kinds of histories with things to which dont work. In today’s recovery, history now have added things that are considered to be intensive and also lengthy on history about things which don’t work. There are some people who in fact never regret their past or have close their doors to it. There also are no evidence that many people in AA have carried their own personal reasons so that they are reminded on the importance of sobriety. Many people now also have saluted towards the Alcoholic Anonymous due to the fact that they have reached their goals and helped them in increasing the popularity with this program. Many people nowadays in fact are very thankful with sobriety coins as it has helped in changing their life. The number in fact still continue even until today.