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Qualities of a Great Public Speaker

Not everyone is born with what it takes to become a good presenter. It is simply something most learn during their lifetime. Speaking in front of people is not something that comes easily for many. It is actually possible to practice and learn public speaking as soon as one is able to talk. It is possible to learn such skills using various resources. There are courses that teach people how to give a quality presentation. Many have also written books on effective public speaking and presentation skills. Highlighted below are some of the characteristics of a good public speaker.


This is a very key element of public speaking. You cannot deliver a good presentation without confidence. It is easy to gain people’s trust if you are confident in public speaking. An individual that is confident is seen to be knowledgeable, intelligent and quite competent. Being nervous is a natural experience but most confident public speakers know how to keep anxiety contained. This can be done by focusing on passion and authenticity. Authenticity gives you a unique platform of sharing who you really are. On the other hand, passion is the excitement and individual has relating to the subject matter or even the feeling of elation about the specific event.
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Must Rehearse
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A skilled public speaker never depends on memorizing their speech. He or she will always choose to practice instead of memorizing. Since practice makes perfect, this is what is expected of a good speaker. It becomes second nature when you learn to familiarize yourself with your presentation over and over again. This makes it easy to change up some parts of the actual presentation if things are not following the planned sequence. It is not right to cram and memorize because you may end up sounding incompetent and inadequate in case you forget a specific detail.


Your presentation can be unforgettable if you show sincerity in the way you talk to your audience. In order to move your audience, they need to feel the passion in your words and in the way you present the topic of discussion. Passion can also be exhibited through excitement. The level of anxiety and nervousness that one may have can be overshadowed by their level of excitement. Studies have shown that those individuals who label their anxiety as excitement, end up feeling comfortable on stage and are able to articulate their ideas better. The way you raise your arms or your voice when speaking does not show the level of passion you have. It has to be exhibited in the way you articulate yourself.

Be Yourself

Originality is a very important element. Acting like someone else while you are on stage doesn’t help your presentation. Being authentic shows the people you are speaking to that you actually believe in who you are and it doesn’t tax you anything meaning you won’t have to change how you talk, walk or even pronounce words.